Joe Farace Photography

By Shawn Barnett

Known for more than just photography, Joe Farace started his fascination with the art of image capture when his first photograph was published in a Baltimore/Washington based motorsports publication called The Stopwatcher. It was working for here that taught Farace about deadlines. ăRaces were often run on Sunday and copy and photos had to be delivered by hand to the editorial office ÷ long before the days of fax and email,ä said Farace.

Joe has been actively involved with sports, classic, and racing cars for almost four decades. His is a trophy-winning rallyist, autocrosser, and is currently involved with SCCA Solo 2 events. He has his sights on getting into vintage sports car and import drag racing during 2004.

In addition to racing and photographing them, his car obsession has naturally included owning cool cars. He boasts of having owned a 1966 Mustang convertible, Porsches 912, 914, and 911, and an assortment of others, including a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda. His garage currently houses his 2001 Infinity G20T, 1986 jaguar XJ-6, and a 2002 VW GTI 337 that he campaigns in SCCA Solo 2 events. The latest addition will be a 1948 MG TC with only 24K miles, originally owned by 1940âs movie star Larry Parks.

Farace is also an author of several books on photography, including Better Available Light Photography, the punchy Digital Imaging Dictionary, and Plug-In Smart, a guide to Photoshop compatible plug-ins. He has penned more than 1,300 magazine stories and is a photography instructor with several upcoming workshops on general and glamour photography.

He is a speaker, writer, photographer, instructor, and a really good Joe, according to his numerous friends. Just like time spent on the water, time spent with Joe is not deducted from your life. Indeed, much is added. I havenât been able to spend time with the man without learning something important about imaging, or just about seeing the world in a differently. Joe sees the world from the perspective of his favorite cartoon character: with a playful attitude, taking it as it comes, enjoying the moment unashamedly with all the joy, anger, grief, or laughter that the moment deserves. Just like Snoopy, a.k.a. Joe Cool.

His photos tell the tale of his interests, but to learn more, either about or from the man, visit one of his websites.


öShawn Barnett



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