America 24/7
Behind the scenes at the massive, all-digital phot book project

By Arthur Bleich

If by now you haven't seen or at least heard of America 24/7, you've probably been off the planet for awhile. Rhis massive, 304-page, over-sized book chronicles a week in the lives of Americans; every shot was made with a digital camera. In essence, America 24/7 has written the epitaph for film.

Major sponsors contributed equipment and services to make it all possible. Olympus, for example, ponied up a thousand C-5050 digital cameras that were given to pros to shoot with, though some used their own. Amateurs wre also invited to send in digital images and thousands did.

More than a million images were electronically submitted, from which 25,000 were chosen. America 24/7 showcases 1,200 photographs and the rest will appear in 52 books that feature each state plus New York City and Washington, DC.

From the huge talent pool of photographers that participated, we chose some top professionals who graciously consented to share their images and insights.

-Arthur Bleich



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